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Fire-resistant cables

Fire-resistant Flamerex cables from Reka Cables are suitable for applications where power supply needs to be secured, also during a fire. Fire-resistant cables are halogen-free, and do not contain any PVC or spread fires when used in a bundle. The materials used in halogen-free cables are easy to recycle.

During a fire, the cable maintains its operating capacity thanks to the non-flammable and insulating mica band wrapped over copper conductors. In addition, fire-resistant cables generate only a small amount of smoke and do not spread fires.

Fire-resistant cables are particularly intended for installation where, for the sake of safety, it is required that alarm, control, signal and energy supply systems operate in case of a fire.

Reka Cables offers fire-resistant installation cables, power cables, EMC power cables and signal cables. All accessories used in the installation of fire-resistant cables must also be fire-resistant.

Fire-resistant Flamerex cables are intended for fixed surface and flush mounting, also in wet conditions, both indoors and outdoors. It is recommend that they are used in areas where the cable needs to remain operational during a fire, and that are crowded and are difficult to evacuate. If a fire-resistant cable is equipped with a concentric conductor, it is also suitable for ground installation.

Our fire-resistant cables are also halogen-free and generate only a small amount of smoke during fire. For cable, being fire-resistant and halogen-free, are highly important, but separate and independent, properties that are tested using various methods.

Requirements for the use of fire-resistant and halogen-free cables in new installation have increased. New applications include hospitals and other treatment facilities where the fire-resistance and non-use of halogen in installation equipment offers significant benefits in case of a fire. Uninterrupted power supply is a precondition for the success of many treatment procedures. To facilitate installation, we have prepared separate installation instructions for fire-resistant cables. By following these instructions, you can rely on the functionality of the installation, also during a fire.