Wind power

The production of renewable energy has become increasingly important throughout the world due to global climate targets. Wind power makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy production, save natural resources and gradually achieve a carbon-neutral future.

In Northern Europe, wind farms are often located in areas with very demanding weather conditions. The equipment and components of wind power plants need to withstand large temperature changes, subzero temperatures, humidity and UV radiation. This sets high standards for the quality and properties of cables used at wind farms.

Reka’s DryRex Nordic Wind cables are medium-voltage cables suitable for wind power energy transfer and are designed especially for northern conditions. The products are made of durable high-quality materials and have a long life span. Our premium DryRex Nordic Wind cables are designed, tested and manufactured in Finland with green energy.

Energy transfer ensured with Reka’s medium-voltage cables in Norwegian windparks

In cooperation with Norwegian network construction company Linka AS, Reka Cables provided cabling for onshore wind parks of Geitfjellet, Harbaksfjellet and Kvenndalsfjellet in Norway. Reka’s 36 kV medium-voltage cable deliveries during 2019 will ensure an energy transfer totalling 100 wind turbines.

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Reka’s DryRex medium-voltage cables represent the highest quality insulation technology, which guarantees their extraordinary dependability.

Cables ploughed into the ground

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