Sustainable solutions from Nordic nature – CASE: Pyhäjoki, Finland

The Karhunnevankangas wind farm project of WPD Finland in Pyhäjoki proceeded to construction phase in the summer of 2020.

Major wind power project

The Karhunnevankangas wind farm project of WPD Finland in Pyhäjoki proceeded to construction phase in the summer of 2020. The project area will hold 33 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 5.7 MW. The farm is assessed to produce 600–700 GWh of green electricity annually, corresponding to the annual consumption of 30,000 electrically heated detached houses.

Focusing on sustainability

The project’s main criteria included cost-effective, ecological and local solutions. In addition to the quality and reliability of the product range, sustainability played a key role in selecting Reka as the partner for the project.

“This is an environmentally friendly project. We value quality, but our operations are also strongly guided by sustainability. We appreciate local, Finnish solutions, which is why we have chosen Reka as one of our partners.”
Tuomas Lapp, Project Manager, WPD Finland


Kaapelinveto käynnissä kahden työntekijän voimin


Challenging conditions

Medium-voltage cables from Reka’s DryRex Nordic Wind product range were selected for the energy transfer of the wind turbines as they are highly applicable for the ever-changing weather conditions of the north. The equipment and components of wind power plants need to withstand large temperature changes, subzero temperatures, humidity and UV radiation.

The extreme conditions in Pyhäjoki set exceptionally high demands for the quality and characteristics o the cables. A total of 44 kilometres of cable trenches have been dug at the construction site. The same trenches will house both power cables and fibre-optic cables. HSK Sähkö Ltd, the company in charge of the cabling project, is extremely satisfied with Reka’s operations.

“The cable deliveries have been extremely functional and efficient. Everything has proceeded exactly as agreed.”
– Hannu Kauppi, CEO, HSK Sähkö Ltd


Experts of northerly winds

Reka’s DryRex Nordic Wind products have been designed, manufactured and tested for landscapes swept by northerly winds. Reka understands the Nordic way of working, the demands set by northern nature as well as the importance of environmentally friendly solutions to us, the people of the north.

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