Network construction

By building power networks that are more resistant to extreme weather and demanding conditions, we can ensure that society maintains its operating capacity also in the future.

The use of medium- and high-voltage cables enables the transfer of power networks underground, which is a reliable method of avoiding power failures and defects caused by storms, for instance. Large temperature changes, subzero temperatures, UV radiation and humidity set high standards for the quality and properties of underground cables used in network construction.

Reka Cables designs and manufactures medium- and high-voltage cables needed for the construction of weather-resistant distribution and transfer networks. The extremely reliable medium-voltage cables are used in industry, power production, transfer and distribution, at wind farms and in public transportation infrastructures. High-voltage cables are used to build city networks and to improve the reliability of networks.

When necessary, Reka’s medium- and high-voltage cables can be made of special plastics to have a fire rating, making them suitable for installation in tunnels and indoors as well.

All Reka cables are designed, tested and manufactured in Finland using green energy. The wide product range also includes cables suitable for cable ploughing.

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