Cables are needed to control and power machinery in various industrial sectors. Industrial cables must be adapted to special requirements, such as reliability and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Residential and office construction 

Electrical solutions improve the operational and living comfort of buildings. In addition to new construction, the renovation of electrical systems in old buildings is another way to respond to the increasing need of electrical solutions. Good planning considers possible future modifications and needs in advance.



Infrastructure construction enables well-functioning society and smooth transport connections. It encompasses a wide variety of different environments, in which the reliable operation of cables and power networks is crucially important.


Network construction

By building power networks that are more resistant to extreme weather and demanding conditions, we can ensure that society maintains its operating capacity also in the future

Wind power

Wind power makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy production, save natural resources and gradually achieve a carbon-neutral future

Solar power

The use of solar power makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in energy production and saves natural resources.


Data centers

Digitalization increases the volume of data traffic, which increases the demand for data centers. Data centers have become a decisive element for the operating of a smart modern society.


EV charging

The share of hybrid and electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, which, together with strengthening environmental values, accelerates the construction of charging infrastructure.