Our production plants

Our production plants

All of our cables are manufactured in Finland at our production facilities in Riihimäki and Keuruu, which use CO2-free electricity.

We pay attention to energy efficiency, and in order to improve our overall energy efficiency, we have installed solar power plants at both our production plants. We use energy-saving LED lights and we have also made many investments in order to improve the energy efficiency of our production processes. The facilities are also heated using certified district heating.

As the well-being of our personnel is important to us, we strive to ensure a safe and supportive work environment by investing in occupational health and safety.
Our occupational safety system has been certified with the ISO 45001 standard.

Attesting to our quality and environmentally friendly practices, we have been granted both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Keuruu production site

In Keuruu, our installation, control, and instrumentation cables are manufactured, as well as fire-resistant and halogen-free cables. Keuruu also draws the copper wire needed for all of our production sites, in addition to manufacturing copper electrical wires.

Our logistics centers are also located in Keuruu, along with our fire testing laboratory, Cable Test Center CTC.

Riihimäki production site

In Riihimäki we manufacture medium- and high-voltage cables and 1kV power cables. We also manufacture PVC and LSF plastic compounds in Riihimäki, as well as aluminium and copper conductors for cables.

The manufacturing process covers the entire production chain from raw material to finished cable. This process includes everything from the manufacturing of copper and aluminium wires to the testing of the cables.