Control and instrumentation cables

High-quality control and instrumentation ­­cables

Reka by Nexans control and instrumentation cables are especially well suited for data transmission in automation, instrumentation, and process control systems, as well as for cabling in signalling and monitoring systems. From our wide selection, you will find a suitable cable for fire classes Eca, Dca, and Cca. The materials used in our halogen-free instrumentation cables are easily recyclable. They generate only a small amount of smoke in the event of a fire, and do not spread fire in bundles. All of our control and instrumentation cables are manufactured in Keuruu, Finland using renewable energy.

Product category
Fire class


Control cable for fixed installations indoors and outdoors. Not to be laid in soil nor directly in cast concrete. Can also be used in medical facilities where higher fire class is required. The conductor insulation must be protected against UV-radiation. Installations must be in accordance with national regulations and rules of installations. The cable is halogen-free and flame-retardant according to CPR-class Cca-s1,d1,a1.