Infrastructure construction enables well-functioning society and smooth transport connections. It encompasses a wide variety of different environments, in which the reliable operation of cables and power networks is crucially important.

Reka has a wide range of safe and durable power cables, medium-voltage cables and fire-resistant cables for infrastructure construction. Our high-quality cables are designed to withstand large temperature changes, subzero temperatures, humidity and UV radiation. When necessary, Reka’s medium-voltage cables can be made of special plastics to have a fire rating, making them suitable for installation in tunnels and indoor environments as well.

In manufacturing, we use the best raw materials and as environmentally friendly and recyclable materials as possible. All our cables are Finnish Key Flag Symbol products and are produced using renewable energy.

Are brings electricity into metro tunnels with Reka’s cables

The company Are Ltd is responsible for the electrical contract for Keilaniemi station on the West Metro line in Helsinki metropolitan area. About 10,000 metro passengers will use Keilaniemi station every day. Are is also responsible for the electrical installation work for the tunnels on the nearly 14 kilometres route from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä as well as for the electrical contracts for Tapiola and Otaniemi metro stations.

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