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Medium voltage cable AHXCMK-W TT 20 kV

Fixed installations outdoors, on cable ladders, in conduits and cable ducts.Cable may also be buried into ground. Cable construction is both longitudinally and radially watertight is both longitudinally and radially watertight. Suitable for cable ploughing.

HD 620 S2:2010 Part 10 Section F Applicable Parts

Special property: 
Longitudinal- and radial watertightness
Fire class: 

Watertight round stranded and compacted aluminium conductor

Conductor screen: 
Semiconducting compound
Insulation screen: 
Semiconducting compound
Water tightness: 
Semi-conducting waterswellable tape applied under metallic screen in order to ensure longitudinally water tight screen area.
Metallic screen: 
Layer of copper wires with a copper tape
Outer sheath: 
Black weather resistant PE-compound