Solar power for nearly four years now – the figures for 2023 have been released

Solar power for nearly four years now – the figures for 2023 have been released

Solarigo Systems Ltd. has awarded Reka Cables Ltd. with the “Renewable Solar Energy User 2023” diploma. In 2023, we produced 118 MWh of solar electricity to meet our own needs.

Renewable solar energy user 2023 diploma

“We launched solar power plants at our Keuruu and Riihimäki factories in the fall of 2020, and since then, we have avoided a total of 36 tons of carbon dioxide emissions,” rejoices Anne Tillgren, Production Director at Reka Cables. The calculation is based on avoided emissions from electricity production, using an average CO2 emission factor for electricity production.

Concrete actions for the environment

Reka Cables has been systematically working towards its environmental goals. “We have managed to reduce our own CO2 emissions by approximately 80% compared to 2019 (known as Scope 1-2 emissions). We have implemented many measures, and the solar power plants are one example,” explains Kari Ingalsuo, Quality and sustainability Manager at Reka Cables.

A total of 675 solar panels have been installed at the Riihimäki and Keuruu factories. Reka Cables’s production facilities and office spaces transitioned to fully utilize emission-free, CO2-free electricity in 2020.

“Investing in solar energy is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable, and together with CO2-free process electricity, it represents a tangible environmental action,” says Tillgren.

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Solarigo is a Finnish energy company specializing in large-scale solar power implementations. Solarigo engages in continuous dialogue with authorities and political institutions to promote sustainable societal development from the perspective of solar power. Solarigo is an active member of the “Auringosta Energiaa – Energy from the Sun” coalition , which promotes solar power construction in Finland and acts as a thought leader in the industry.