Hyvinkää production will be integrated into Riihimäki unit

Hyvinkää production will be integrated into Riihimäki unit:

Starting from autumn 2024, two clear centers of expertise will operate in Keuruu and Riihimäki.

In August 2022, we announced plans that included relocating operations from the Hyvinkää production facility to the Riihimäki property. Since then, the project we refer to as HyRisee has made significant progress and is expected to be completed by autumn 2024.

“The goal of the project is to consolidate Reka Cables Ltd’s expertise and investments. Upon completion of the project, we will have two clear centers of expertise where we manufacture, develop products, services, and knowledge,” says Martin Forssell, CEO of Reka Cables Ltd.

Starting from autumn 2024, the Keuruu center of expertise will focus on installation, control, and instrumentation cables, along with CTC combustion testing laboratory services. Meanwhile, the Riihimäki center of expertise will concentrate on high-voltage, medium-voltage, and 1kV power cables.

The company’s headquarters will remain in Hyvinkää, and the change does not affect the operations of sales offices.

New storage space improves safety and material management

During the planning of the HyRisee project, the need for additional space was evident at the Riihimäki property. Additional space became available to Reka Cables at the Riihimäki production facility, and an expansion was also completed.

The newly available space is being used to construct a novel type of storage facility, known as a “supermarket,” from which raw materials are ordered for production lines.

“Thanks to the new storage space, we can improve safety and refine material management, for example,” says Anne Tillgren, Production Manager at Reka Cables Ltd.

The method used to visualize warehouse logistics was interesting:

Supermarket-materiaalivaraston simulointi legoilla

“We simulated warehouse logistics using LEGO bricks and paper-drawn shelving layouts. Through simulation, we aim to understand how consolidating storage affects practical work processes,” explains Tillgren.

One of Reka Cables’s primary objectives is to maintain a safe and efficient working environment. We draw strength from our continuous improvement and innovation efforts.

Line relocation underway

Currently, the HyRisee project is progressing with the relocation of machinery. The transfer of production lines from Hyvinkää to Riihimäki began in April, with some changes implemented earlier. Upon completion of the HyRisee project, the social facilities and entrance will also undergo transformations to better serve both our personnel and all visitors to the factory.