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Instrumentation cable for fixed installations indoors and outdoors. Not to be laid in soil nor directly in cast concrete. Can also be used in medical facilities where higher fire class is required. EMC shielded cable gives an excellent protection against electromagnetic disturbancies. Installations must be in accordance with national regulations and rules of installations. The cable is halogen-free and flame-retardant according to CPR-class Cca-s1,d1,a1.

Standards EN 50288-7
Reaction to fire Cca-s1,d1,a1
CPR - DoP 2019008_DOP.pdf
Conductor Circular stranded tinned copper, EN/IEC 60228 class 2
Insulation Halogen free polyethylene
Core Identification (all color combinations in the cable family) Blue, red
Pair lay up Cores are twisted in pairs
Individual shield Aluminium tape and earthing conductor
Cable lay up Insulated cores twisted in pairs. Colors in pairs blue and red. Pairs marked with a numbers.
Separation sheath Halogen free filling compound
Overall shield Two aluminium tapes and earthing conductor (tinned copper, between the tapes)
Oversheath UV-protected halogen-free polyolefin compound
Colour of the oversheath Grey