EQQ LiteRex: flexible and easy to peel

EQQ LiteRex: flexible and easy to peel

EQQ LiteRex installation cable is designed with the installer’s job in mind. It has won praise for its excellent handling; flexibility and easy peelability.

EQQ LiteRex is suitable for fixed installation indoors and outdoors, without the need for separate UV protection of the sheathing or conductor inserts. EQQ LiteRex is tested and approved to CPR class Dca-s2, d2, a2, making it suitable for most installations.

Safe and fully recyclable cable for demanding conditions

As a fire-resistant installation cable, EQQ LiteRex has low smoke generation in case of fire, facilitating evacuation.

EQQ LiteRex is also an excellent choice because it is halogen-free; in the event of fire, halogen-free cable is far more effective than traditional PVC cable in protecting people, property and the environment.

All plastics used in the cable are halogen-free and thermoplastic and therefore fully recyclable.

The cable is also suitable for demanding conditions and can be installed in temperatures as low as -15⁰C.

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Locally produced in Finland

All Reka by Nexans cables are designed in Finland and produced locally at the Riihimäki and Keuruu factories. Reka has been awarded the Key Flag label as a sign of Finnish work.

We use renewable energy sources in the manufacture of our products; sustainability is an integral part of Reka Kaapeli’s operations. Read more about sustainability at Reka Kaapeli.