Reka’s new drum number plates in use

The number plates of Reka Cables’ wooden drums have been renewed. Drum ID numbers have been used by Reka for decades to facilitate the logistics of drums. Production plant in Keuruu started to use the new drum number plates this week and soon the plates will be used also in Hyvinkää and Riihimäki. Number plates are used on all Reka’s wooden drums.

Kuva uudesta, puisesta kaapelikelasta, jossa uusi numerokyltti

The printing of the new number plates is lasered and the surface is anodized, which makes the surface hard and wear resistant. “The new drum plates come from a local supplier in Hyvinkää. The plates are high quality and can be seen better from, for example, the booth of a forklift, and are more readable despite the weather conditions. The plates stand out well in photos, which is important, for example, in the different stages of documentation on construction sites,” says Product Manager Joonas Koskinen from Reka.

Drum numbers help to locate the order precisely, which drums have been delivered with which freight. The number also shows where the order was delivered and when, as well as how many times the cable drum has been used. The cable drums are returned and recycled in use as many times as the drum remains in good quality and usable condition. The drum management application Cabler is also based on drum numbers, which makes it possible to identify cable drums individually at all stages of the drum cycle, which is yet another step towards smoother and smarter drum management.