Reka Cables on a journey to become the greenest cable manufacturer in the world

Reka Cables has taken a great leap towards greener cable production. Some of the company’s environmental targets are being achieved with the transition to CO2-free electricity, solar plants, green district heating and LED lighting for production plants.

Sustainability is natural for Reka Cables’ operations, and the company’s objective is to become the world’s greenest cable manufacturer. To achieve this goal, Reka Cables is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and it has set environmental targets to develop its sustainability. “Sustainability is the starting point for our strategy and operations,” says Jukka Poutanen, CEO at Reka Cables.

Reka Cables factorySolar power in Keuruu production plant

Green energy

All three of Reka Cables’ production plants and offices have moved to utilise only CO2 emission-free electricity. Cable manufacturing utilises a lot of electricity and, by switching to green process electricity, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of production. The transition to green energy has been achieved faster than the scheduled target.

During the summer, solar panels were installed at the production plants in Keuruu and Riihimäki, and they will start producing electricity in September. A total of 675 solar panels were installed on the walls of the production plants. They will produce an estimated 130,000 kWh of energy per year. “Investing in solar energy is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable and, together with CO2-free electricity, they are solid environmental acts,” says Anne Tillgren, Production Director at Reka Cables.

Energy efficiency with LED lighting

To increase energy efficiency, Reka Cables has changed all the lighting at its production plants to LED lighting. The new lighting will save 1,300,000 kWh in annual energy consumption, which will assist the achievement of the environmental target set for energy efficiency. Adjustable lighting also increases work safety and comfort at the production plants.

No oil heating or cables supplied to new fossil fuel energy production

Reka Cables wanted a more ecological and energy efficient heating solution to replace oil heating at its production facilities. Even the last oil-heated facilities have been heated by certified district heating since May.

In 2020, Reka Cables also decided to stop cable deliveries to new fossil fuel energy production.


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