Reka Cables introduces smart cable drums in North European market

Reka Cables Ltd. is the first company to introduce smart cable drum solutions in the North European market. Digital drum handling enables real time drum status and location follow-up as well as relevant, up-to-date data attached with the drums.

At present, cable drums cause a variety of headaches for both cable manufacturers and their customers. Locating drums sent to work sites is often difficult and drums disappear into the terrain. It is also difficult to track the amount of cable on the drums, which causes problems for both on-site project management and customer inventory management.

Technology for real-time drum positioning can be integrated into the smart drum. The digital cable drum management system will also allow for more accurate recording of drum data, which will facilitate our customers’ project and inventory management. For example, instructions on drum handling and cable installation can be added to the system.

Smart cables streamline cable drum handling

“By digitalizing the cable drum handling process Reka Cables is able to offer its customers more flexible drum services, easier stock managemenet and smoother drum returns,” sums up Ralf Sohlström, CEO of Reka Cables.

Reka Cables is piloting its smart cable drum management system during the first half of 2019 in cooperation with selected customers. The service will be opened to all customers gradually during the winter 2019-2020.

älykela verkostomessuillaJoonas Koskinen and Ralf Sohlström presenting smart drums at Networking trade fair in Tampere in January 2019