Parent company Neo Industrial changes its name to Reka Industrial

The change of name underlines the Reka Group’s transformation from an investment company to a strong, Finnish, family-owned industrial company. Over 120-year history, Reka has grown from a shoe factory to an internationally renowned industrial company focused on cable and technical rubber industry. The story of the Rentto family, who established the company, has grown remarkably in the era of global megatrends such as digitalisation, increased energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. 

Markku E. Rentto, the Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, says that: “Changing the company’s name to Reka Industrial makes the company’s brand clearer and highlights Reka’s already established visibility as a respected, international industrial company in a natural way. Reka Industrial wants to reform the industry that is the foundation of society. We responsibly create new opportunities for a smart and energy-efficient society by investing in it”, emphasises Rentto.

Reka Industrial is a Finnish industrial company that owns international growth-driven companies in the cable and technical rubber industry. The companies employ a total of 620 professionals, most of whom work in Finland. The Group’s turnover in 2019 was EUR 97.5 million.

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