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Solar energy transferred with Reka's high voltage cables in Denmark

During 2019 European Energy A/S has constructed 50MW solar park to Hanstholm in Denmark, with Energrid A/S as their trusted partner on grid connection.

The solar park is the first of its kind in Denmark with bi-facial modules; panels that absorb sunlight from both sides of the panel. Bi-facial modules increase the solar park's energy production since it generates more solar power within the same area, when comparing to a traditional solar park.

Over 16 kilometers of Reka's Dryrex PEX-AL-LRT 72,5 kV high voltage cable was used in the project to transfer energy from the solar park to the grid. Energrid has an extensive experience with Reka's products and their electricians are delighted to work with Reka's cables due to the good handling features. " The collaboration is smooth, and it is always easy to get in touch with Reka. Also, in case of a technical matters there is always a precise answer from their customer support. " states Energrid's Head of Department Jesper Primdahl.

Hanstholmvej Denmark

Reka's cables are produced only with green electricity

All Reka's cables are manufactured with CO2 free electricity. Extremely reliable Dryrex high-voltage cables are produced in Riihimäki production plant.  High voltage cables are commonly used in power transfer and distribution, cabling the national network, electric stations and municipal networks.

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