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Reka Cables - Born to lead

Reka Cables has been at the forefront of the Finnish cable industry for more than half a century. We provide high-standard cable solutions for the purposes of industry, construction, electricity transfer and telecommunications networks. Today, the number of professionals working for Reka Cables is around 240, and we have three locations in Finland: Hyvinkää, Riihimäki and Keuruu.

We are the largest Finnish-owned cable manufacturer. We use state-of-the-art production methods and technology to make medium and high-voltage cables, data transfer cables, control and instrumentation cables, installation cables and power cables. The main market areas of our internationally recognised company in addition to Finland are the Nordic and Baltic countries and Russia. We have subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Russia.

High quality for the good of our customers and the environment

Premium quality and catering to customers’ needs have always been of the greatest importance to Reka. We have a genuine desire to be in touch with the times, evolve and help our customers in creating something new.

We use only the very best raw materials in our cable production and the most environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials. We have made it our principle that no toxic substances are allowed to escape from production into the environment, earth or water systems.

Support from the Group

Reka Cables is part of Neo Industrial Group. Neo Industrial Plc is a Finnish industrial owner and developer with a strategy of investing in industrial companies with joint synergy benefits. The aim of the investments is long-term development of the companies and a raised level of returns of capital invested. Neo Industrial focuses on the cable industry.  

Another Group company is Reka Rubber Ltd, developing and producing technical rubber products for the demanding applications of industrial customers.

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