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AXCMK-W Power cable for ploughing

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For direct underground and fixed outdoor installations. Suitable for cable ploughing and also to wet locations and inland lakes.

HD 603 S1:1994/A3:2007 Part 5 Section D; IEC 60502-1 Applicable Parts

Special property: 
Suitable for ploughing and water

50…150 mm² sector shaped stranded aluminium (IEC 60228 class 2)

XLPE compound

3-core, brown, black, grey
4-core, blue brown black, grey

Filling material: 
Plastic tapes
Cu screen: 
Copper wires and copper tape
Metallic sheath: 
Aluminium laminated foil
Water tightness: 
Water blocking tapes
Individual sheath: 
Black polyolefine
Outer sheath: 
Black UV-resistant polyolefine