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Medium- and high-voltage cables

Medium-voltage cables are manufactured for the voltage level of 12–36 kV, whereas high-voltage cables are made at the maximum voltage of 170 kV. The medium- and high-voltage cables of the Dryrex product family of Reka Cables are manufactured in Riihimäki. Medium- and high-voltage cables are manufactured of aluminium and copper.

Dryrex medium-voltage cables are plastic cables insulated using cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), representing first-class insulation technology. The same technology is applied to the manufacture of high-voltage cables.

Being extremely reliable, medium- and high-voltage cables can also be manufactured of special plastics when, having a fire rating, they can also be installed indoors and in tunnels.

We are close to our customers and know their needs. As a result, we do not focus on standard products alone – we can also manufacture tailored products that require special solutions, such as customer-specific cable structures and solutions.

In Finland, medium- and high-voltage cables are mainly used to build weather-resistant networks and to improve the reliability of networks. The use of these cables enables the transfer of power networks underground, which has proven to be a reliable method of avoiding any power failures caused by storms. By building power networks that are more resistant to extreme weather and demanding conditions, we can also ensure that society maintains its operating capacity.