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Installation cables

Reka offers future-proof installation cables. Our customers expect that their cable selection works in all contexts, from simple to advanced installations. Installation friendliness is always set at highest priority, i.e. the cables are easy to handle, peel and bend. Large temperature variations, UV-radiation and even fire situations have been taken into consideration when developing the installation cables for the future.

The number of applications where installation cables or wires can be used has increased. New applications include installation cable installations without conduits, e.g. in a hollow wall or in conduits, instead of single wires. As the number of applications has increased, it is important to always use installation cables that meet every single requirement.

Reka Cables offer both halogen-free installation cables and standard PVC installation cables. The trend is towards the use of halogen-free cables in installations, as they offer significant benefits in recycling and in the event of a fire, as they only generate a small amount of smoke, and they do not spread fire.

All installation cables are CPR classified and fulfill the requirements of relevant standards.