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Installation wires

ML is the most used installation wire in buildings. Installation wires are used to power up buildings using a fixed pipeline installation, i.e. a traditional flush mounting, where a selected bundle of installation wires are drawn into the installation pipe using a draw line. ML installation wires are also used inside equipment and distribution boards. The ML wire is also entitled RE.

MK 90 installation wires are used, similarly to ML, to power up buildings, distribution boards and equipment, and inside distribution boards, switchgear and equipment. Unlike ML, MK installation wires are formed of a few strands and, as a result, they are suitable for applications susceptible to vibration.

Thanks to its bendy conductor type, MK conductors can also be installed in cramped spaces.

The MK conductor is also entitled RM.

MKEM installation wires are also used in grounding systems where they can be installed directly without any additional protection. MKEM and MKEM 90 installation wires are jointly referred to as flexible installation wires. The highly bendy conductor type can be easily installed in cramped spaces. The MKEM wire is also entitled RF.

Halogen-free installation wire versions are also available.