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Halogen free installation cables

All materials used in installation cables are halogen free. Halogen free installation cables do not contain any PVC, and their manufacturing materials are easy to recycle. The sheath and insulation materials used in halogen free installation cables are polymers pertaining to the ROHS directive which do not contain any cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium or brominated fire retardants.

Halogen free installation cables generate only a small amount of smoke, and they do not spread fire individually or in bundles. These cables are suitable to all installations and should especially be used in areas which contain a lot of people and are difficult to evacuate. These include hospitals, daycare centres, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, public buildings and all emergency exit routes.

New demards on safer installations have emerged from negative experiences from e.g. hospital fires during the last ten years. Medical equipment have suffered significant damage due to the acid smoke generated by burnt regular PVC cables which could have been avoided by using halogen-free cables. Toxic smoke generation is a significant risk factor, when considering rapid and safe evacuation of people from a building. The Reka R and LiteRex product families meet clearly these new requirements for safer cables.

Reka Cables' full-range product families of halogen free and fire resistant cables include installation and power cables, as well as instrumentation and control cables. Screened EMC cables are also available.