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Power installation cable FRHF 0,6/1 kV

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For fixed installation indoors and outdoors, not to be laid directly in soil nor in cast concrete. May be used for installations, when circuit integrity is required in case of fire. Where needed halogen free, non corrosive gases and low smoke density cables. Self extinquishing, no after-burning.

HD 604 S1:1994/A3:2005 5-D; IEC 60502-1:2004 Applicable parts

Special property: 
Fire resistant IEC 60331-21, -1, -2 and EN 50200, EN 50362, Flame retardant EN 60332-3-22, halogen free EN 60754-2, low smoke EN 61034-2

1,5...2,5 mm² circular, solid copper
6...10 mm² circular, stranded copper

Mica tape and Halogen free PEX-compound

2x: Blue, brown
3x: Brown, black, grey
3G: Green/yellow, blue, brown
4G: Green/yellow, blue, brown, black (1,5 and 2,5 mm2)
4G: Green/yellow, brown, black, grey (4mm2 and above)
5G: Green/yellow, blue, brown, black, grey

Filling material: 
Halogen free filling sheath
Outer sheath: 
Orange, halogen free UV-resistant polyolefin