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Industrial cables

Cables are needed to control and power machinery in various industrial sectors. Industrial cables must be adapted to special requirements and withstand harsh conditions.

Reka Cables delivers high-quality cabling solutions which are suitable for industrial environments. We offer, for instance, signal, instrumentation, control, installation and power cables.

Cables are needed in many different industrial sectors, which all have their own special requirements. Reka Cables’ product range extends from 75 V signal cables to 170 kV high-voltage underground cables.

For the production of cables, we use, among other materials, copper, aluminium, and different plastics and laminates, depending on the intended use of the cable. We use only the very best raw materials and the most environmentally-friendly and recyclable components in our cable production. No toxic substances are allowed to escape from the cables into the environment, earth or water systems. The cables must withstand time, and they must also be adapted to the requirements of the installation environment.