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Cables for home and office construction

Building wiring and cabling systems have developed rapidly over the last decades. Good planning takes into account possible future modifications and increased demands.

Apart from new construction sites, old buildings with outdated electrical systems are typical cabling sites. Nowadays, there are plenty of electrical solutions that can be used to improve the operational and living comfort of buildings. For cabling of buildings, installation and rising main cables are most commonly used.

Reka Cables’ fire resistant cables are suitable for sites where power supply needs to be secured at all times, also during a fire. These cables are particularly intended for installation where, for the sake of safety, it is required that alarm, control, signal and energy supply systems operate in case of a fire. Fire resistant cables are also recommended in cases where the cable needs to remain operational during a fire, and in buildings which contain a lot of people and are difficult to evacuate. New applications include hospitals and other treatment facilities where the fire-resistance and non-use of halogen in installation equipment offer significant benefits in case of a fire.