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Environmental responsibility

We take into account the welfare of the environment in everything we do. Our environmental system is certified to the standard ISO 14001, and we follow the principles of sustainable development outlined in the ICC Business Charter. 

We purchase our raw materials only from suppliers that are aware of and take into account the environmental impact of their own operations. In production, our aim is to minimise the volume of energy consumed and the amount of waste generated. 

We sort, recycle and re-use plastics, metals and packaging materials wherever possible.

We develop products with the least possible burden on nature and the environment.  

Environmental certificates

Our objective is to manage the environmental aspects of our business comprehensively and systematically. This is done through an efficient environmental management system. Our Operations Handbook has been certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard (original certification 7 February 2001, most recent update 6 October 2018). 

ISO 14001:2015ISO 14001:2015










ISO 14001


RINKI Certificate