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Expanding operations and new products

The first export delivery of the company was shipped to Iceland in 1972. Around the same time, the production of PVC drain pipes started, and cable kits were manufactured for Saab Scania. At the turn of the decade, the manufacturing of cable kits was expanded, and the production of wiring harnesses for the automotive industry started.

The company’s Hyvinkää plastics plant burned down in 1972. A new one was built in the following year. Production of installation cables and smaller cables was transferred from Hyvinkää to Keuruu, where an industrial hall suitable for cable production had been found. The Keuruu plant was expanded in 1984. Its current product range includes installation and control cables as well as fire-resistant and halogen-free special cables.

The drawing of copper wire was started in Hyvinkää in 1977. Once the Hyvinkää sub-plant was completed in 1988, it became possible to draw aluminium wire as well.  

In 1986, a wiring harness factory was established in Tervakoski, and in 1993, the production of wiring harnesses started in Vyborg, Russia. In 1992, a separate company, Reka Harnesses Oy, was set up. Its operations were sold in 1997.