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Early years of the Reka Group

The history of the Reka Group stretches back to 1898, when Edvard Rentto began his career at Korkeakosken Kenkätehdas (Korkeakoski Shoe Factory).

After achieving a high level of professional skill, he moved on to Tampere Kenkätehdas Oy Attila (Tampere Shoe Factory Attila Ltd) as Technical Director, and in 1915, he became the majority owner of the factory. Edvard Rentto worked as the Managing Director of the company until 1921, after which he was appointed Chairman of the Board, continuing in that post until his death in 1927.

Edvard Rentto had seven children. Kalle Edvard served as a director and sales manager of Attila while Onni Kullervo was still studying at the Helsinki University of Technology. Suffering from the grim economic situation in 1932, the Rentto brothers sold the Attila shares to Emil Aaltonen, a well-known shoe industry entrepreneur. The brothers, however, remained in the employment of Attila Oy.